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Blythe Speedway


Blythe Speedway reserves the right to alter or amend the rules and regulations in the interest of safety, cost control, and /or fair competition. It is the responsibility of each competitor to read and understand the contents of these rules. If there is a disagreement or dispute regarding the meaning or application of these rules, the decision of Blythe Speedway Race Director will prevail. Any interruption or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the Race Director and the decision is final.

1. American Racer Tires purchased from Blythe Speedway ONLY.

A. Must purchase from track

2. 110 Octane or E85 fuel only

3. Engine Rules

A. 602 GM crate factory sealed or checked by authorized dealers (1 single carburetor)

B. Open Motor (1 single carburetor) cast iron block-wet sump – 410 cubic inch max

4. Any shock allowed; NO Canisters allowed

5. Fabricated front stubs (Authorized dealers: Phils Phabrication/Dana Stahl/STR/Howe)

A. Any other clips please call for approval

6. Weight Rules and RPM Rules:

A. Crates – 2500 lbs. 58 Left Side (6200 RPM)

B. Open – 2650 lbs. 57 Left Side (7200 RPM)

7. 15 x 8 Steel Wheels Only

8. No rack and pinion steering

9. Rear Gears (Steel Spools Only) Quick change rear end ok.

10. All suspension and steering components MUST be made out of only steel.

A. Only Aluminum bars allowed: track bar mounts and sliders (solid links only) 11. Track Width: 78” widest point front and rear, at ride height. Page 2 of 2 01.16.23 12.

Body Rules:


A. Max Rear Deck Width: 68” Max

B. Max Rear Deck Height: 38” Max

C. Spoiler Dimensions Only: 4” x 60” wide

D. Front Nose Overhang: 45” Max

E. Front Nose Width: 45 ½” Max

F. Rear Quarter Panel Overhang: 49” max


* Note – dB Rule 95 at 100 feet

* See General Rules for details

All rules are subject to change at anytime if deemed necessary to ensure even competition within the division.